Entrepreneurial Railroading SM

Brian Jonaitis
Assistant Vice President, Business Development
317 616-3429


The INRD’s transload services connect customers to the North American rail network by combining rail and truck transportation.

Our rail service handles the long-haul, while trucks perform local pick-up or delivery.

We can handle a broad range of commodities, including bulk liquids, dry bulk products and building materials.

Transloading delivers the efficiency of rail transportation and the flexibility of trucking.

INRD Transload, Indianapolis, IN:
*Covered storage, Liquid & Dry Bulk, Industrial Products

Odon Transload

INRD Transload, Odon, IN
*Covered Storage, Liquid & Dry Bulk, Industrial Products

INRD Transload, Merom, IN
*Liquid & Dry Bulk

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