Entrepreneurial Railroading SM
photo courtesy Tom Barrows
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Josh Calandros
Manager, Business Development
Phone: 317 616-3437

Larry Kaelin
Vice President, Business Development
Phone: 317 616-3434

Freight By Rail

INRD service is critical to our customer’s supply chains, and connects them to North American and global markets. Our customers trust us to move a diverse range of products that are critical to their businesses, and to the local economies we serve. Below is list of just some of the products we transport by rail safely, reliably and efficiently.

  • Corn and soybeans for domestic consumption and export markets.
  • Liquid gases used to heat homes and for cooking.
  • Paper for printing, boxes and labels.
  • Refrigerated and frozen food products.
  • Lumber and other building materials used in construction.
  • Ethanol for fuel, and used oils for recycling.
  • Steel and plastics used in automobile manufacturing.
  • Plastics used to produce packaging and other products.
  • Coal for electricity generation and limestone to treat plant emissions.
  • Calcined coke used to produce aluminum.
  • Sugar for making chocolate and candy.
  • Road salt applied to our roads by local municipalities.