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Locomotive Maintenance

Jerry Gallagher
Superintendent, Mechanical
317 822-7715

Locomotive Maintenance & Repair

The Indiana Rail Road Company offers a competitive outsourcing solution for your EMD locomotive maintenance requirements.

Our shop features full-length inspection pits, raised work platforms, a 30-ton overhead crane and four 50-ton locomotive jacks to tackle heavy repairs. An integrated 7,500 sq. ft. warehouse stocked with approved EMD replacement parts and sub-assemblies.

Whether you are a lease fleet owner, rail carrier or industrial operator, call on Indiana Rail Road to keep your locomotives in service and earning revenue.

  • Power assembly and turbocharger replacements; in-frame prime mover overhauls
  • Truck rebuilding
  • Traction motor/wheel set replacement
  • Rotating equipment —air compressors, auxiliary generators, main generators, cooling fans, and other engine-driven accessories
  • Draft gear pocket modifications and replacement; installation of alignment control draft gear
  • Accident repair
  • Electrical, fuel and air systems and controls
  • Installation of electronic devices—GPS, event recorder, operator vigilance devices and video recorder technologies
  • Installation of idle reduction technology such as APUs and AESS devices
  • 92, 368 and 1004-Day FRA inspections and horn testing
  • End of lease, return to service inspection and repair
  • Locomotive storage
  • Power washing
  • Wheel truing