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Brian Jonaitis
Director, Sales
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Indiana Rail Road Transload Services
The Train Hauls, The Truck Delivers

No rail siding at your location? No problem. Thanks to Indiana Rail Road's truck-to-rail "transload" facilities, a rail siding adjacent to your manufacturing site or warehouse isn't required to take advantage of our cost-effective, superior customer service.

INRD has transload options available at Indianapolis, Odon, Ind., Terre Haute, Ind., and Palestine, Ill. The Indianapolis facility is located in the heart of the city, less than a mile south of downtown near the Interstate 70/West Street exit and minutes from all major highways. Our Odon facility, opened in 2013, is strategically located two miles east of the Interstate 69/State Road 58 interchange.

Noted transload specialists Arrow Reload Systems, Inc., operate and co-market our Indianapolis and Odon facilities. With more than 90 years of logistics experience, Arrow offers transload services for numerous products such as building materials, steel, liquids, bulk products, and farm and construction equipment. Arrow can also provide value-added services such as lumber trimming, package cutting and bar coding.
Learn more at: www.arrowreload.com

Odon provides southwest Indiana companies with cost-effective, reliable access to the entire North American rail network.

Freight rail is more affordable, fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly than long-haul trucking, which is why our motto is, "The train hauls, the truck delivers."

Indiana Rail Road's commitment to its customers is second to none. Please contact us to see how we can help you grow your business.

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