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Intermodal Service for Indiana and the Ohio Valley

Reliable, consistent, fast, cost-competitive … Indiana Rail Road and CN Rail – the only Class I with access to all three coasts (Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf) – offer Indiana and Ohio Valley shippers an incredible option for the movement of imports and exports to/from Asia, Europe and South America.

In 2013, Indiana Rail Road and CN created an entrepreneurially-minded and unique intermodal partnership. Based on customer request, the two companies inaugurated “all-rail” movement of trans-Pacific containerized freight to/from the West Coast Canadian ports of Prince Rupert and Vancouver, B.C.

The service has hit its stride, and has enjoyed year-over-year volume growth of more than 25 percent, and based on last port-of-call service, total transit from major Asian ports such as Shanghai and Qingdao, China, or Busan, South Korea to Indianapolis averages less than 22 days via Prince Rupert and 25 days via Vancouver.

Additional Canadian gateway service benefits:

  1. The lowest carbon footprint of any railroad serving the West Coast, thanks to CN’s low Rocky Mountain crossing and bypass route around Chicago.
  2. Easy highway access to Indiana Rail Road’s downtown Indianapolis ramp, which has earned a reputation for highly responsive and personalized service.
  3. Competitive rates, unique cost savings using Canadian gateways.

Indiana-Canada exports; Southern connections:

CN and Indiana Rail Road also offer cross-border service for Indiana shippers serving Canadian markets, and with the opening of the Panama Canal in June 2016, service via the Ports of New Orleans and Mobile, Ala., for shippers utilizing the Panama Canal and South American services.

To learn more about CN’s fast-growing, customer-driven Intermodal franchise:

CN’s Intermodal Wholesale portal:

CN System Map:

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